Maritime Risk Assessment

Trancite Logic Systems’s Vessel Selection System (VSS) combines comprehensive maritime data with a powerful risk analysis engine to strengthen your organization’s Maritime Situational Awareness. Our software applies business rules to Maritime Big Data in order to produce accurate, in-depth, and reliable risk evaluation and analysis and visualize the facts and logic supporting that analysis.


Customer Configurable Risk Assessment Framework

  • Customize the default risk framework by adjusting scoring thresholds to address unique customer/national requirements

User Defined Query and Analysis

  • Geofence high interest areas, monitor Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), search for specific characteristics or activity

Automated Reports and Email Alerts

  • Set 'tripwires' and alerts to receive detailed reports on high interest vessels

Comprehensive Vessel and Geospatial Information in a Single View

  • Identify vessels of interest through physical movements and detailed vessel attributes

Selective Information Sharing

  • Share local knowledge and information across agencies, organizations and borders in real time

A Unique Approach to Maritime Domain Awareness

Automated, rules based, continuous maritime monitoring and risk assessment of vessels worldwide. Begin making sense of all the data and adding context to the dots.


Identify bad actors in the Maritime Domain

  • Find vessels engaged in Smuggling, Terrorism, Illegal Fishing and more

Save countless man-hours by automatically monitoring high interest shipping/cargo

  • User defined constraints result in identification of vessels of interest -- alerts are automatically sent via email

Use Big Data and the Cloud to modernize operations

  • Get started immediately using our hosted solution and eliminate IT footprint, high costs and delays

More Than just Vessel Tracking

VSS also known as Computer Assisted Maritime Threat Evaluation System (CAMTES) provides high speed, high volume, continuous threat evaluation for every identified track on all vessels with an AIS signal – currently tracking over 200,000 vessels daily