Cargo Targeting System - CTS

Combines comprehensive cargo data with a powerful risk analysis engine to proactively identify risks in the Customs domain.


Automated Risk Assessment

  • CTS ingests all manifest and importer data filed throughout the supply chain and presents the associated shipments in order of risk

Configurable Risk Framework

  • Customize the default risk assessment framework by adding/modifying rules and adjusting scoring thresholds to address unique agency requirements

Decision Support

  • CTS tiers manifest and declaration data in order of high, medium and low risk to facilitate triage of shipments by an officer or analyst

Alignment with World Customs Organization (WCO) Standards

  • Default Risk Assessment Modules developed based on the WCO SAFE Framework and WCO’s Standardized Risk Assessments (SRAs)

Company Profiling

  • Track Company trading, inspection, and audit history to be used in both pre and post clearance risk assessment and targeting

Gain Valuable Insight into the Supply Chain

Enable Customs Officers and Intelligence Analysts to deepen their understanding of the supply chain and focus on the highest risk trade


Prevent Revenue Loss

  • Counter duty and tax evasion by identifying shipments with a high risk of customs fraud or undervaluation of goods

Improve Trade Facilitation

  • Find the right balance of control and facilitation to boost economic benefits and reduce costs of trade

Identify and Interdict Movement of Illegal Goods

  • Enforce agency threat and security mandates by identifying anomalies in data to detect terrorist and criminal activity

Turn Data into Actionable Information

Use CTS to turn your trade data into accurate risk assessments and enable identification of high risk cargo and facilitation of low risk shipments